December Goals 2021

December Goals 2021: New month and last month of 2021. Let’s make it count.

  1. Create a better single release for the next single: Honestly the roll out for legacy was terrible. I had another release planned but ended up pushing that release back to January. Then decided on Legacy two days before sending it to stores. I rushed the ideas for this release and landed flat on my pretty face. I’m still trying to create a recovery strategy for that single. Love the single just didn’t know how to market it. So learn from my failure and create a better future. Got it.
  2. Lose 5 pounds: Let’s go out of this year with a bang. We have our handy dandy bike inside of our home. Also nothing but time on our hands. Let’s push ourselves to release 5 pounds of body fat.
  3. Finish the 6th Target: I started the 6th book in the women’s murder club recently. I don’t plan on taking long to read this book at all. I’m ready to catch up to the latest book in 2022.
  4. Keep your peace: Last month was good. Keep the same focus.
  5. Learn something new: Let’s end the year with a new skill.

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