November Results 2021

November Results 2021: This month felt quick. I really feel like it went by so fast. Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess. So let’s see how I did. Let me know how your month went in the comments below.

  1. Try harder to keep your cool: I didn’t have any angry outbursts this month. I took this month to just chill out. It was my birthday month, and I wasn’t letting anything invade my peace.
  2. Learn Something New: I don’t think I learned anything new. So fail.
  3. Create a new spoken word reel: I made a couple. They are posted on my instagram. I’m still working on my own little spoken word trend. I have seen other poets with their own trend for making reels. I know most creators just copy others, but I want to create my own. This was okay for me. But I’m still searching for my trend to do next month.
  4. Workout: One of my favorite people in the world brought me the perfect gift for my birthday. That favorite person is my grandmother. She brought me this Folding Exercise bike. It’s great to use and doesn’t take up much space.
  5. Only Focus on yourself: I focused on myself a little more this month. I only focused on my happiness and no one else’s and honestly, it wasn’t the best. I want to abandon the people that make me feel down, but along the way I abandoned someone I love. So not a good experiment.

In conclusion, I would say this was a wonderful month. I just took things day by day and tried to put the past behind me. Just took some time to worry about Kenneth and his goals. I completed almost everything. I learned nothing new, but this month was still a great experience. Follow this blog for more of my journey.

If you haven’t already, stream my latest spoken word, Legacy.

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