It’s officially my 24th birthday. Now that I’m here. I’m still chasing one special thing, my own legacy. In order to get there as a spoken word artist, I have to conquer my fears. I have to get out of my comfort zone. I have to make my own way. I have to challenge myself every day to get myself closer to my legacy. Here’s the link to the song. Stream & Download it as a present to me. Thank you for viewing. https://songwhip.com/k-exum/legacy


I just hope one day me and you come face to face
And I finally conquer the stage
Do what I was born to do and change lives by speaking on stage
Sort of like what MLK did
Only I hope that dream comes true soon cause my dreams start to fade because I think I won’t make it cause I’ll be dead
As my minds starts to fade as these words get read
By who, maybe it’ll be the feds
Cause I’m known as a weapon because my skin black 
And sometimes I sag, so that makes me even more of a threat
God forbids I pull out my phone, and the bullets hit my chest
Like it was thrown from the hands of Brett 
Or maybe my own hands become the threat
Because this depression barely lets me live
Only let me sleep
I peep that sometimes this gets deeper than what I seek
But this what I have to compete with 
My mind is in the past
While I write hoping I can get pass
Stuff in the past wasn’t that major
It’s just that I put my heart into everything and everyone 
But it always gets stomped on 
Which makes me crumble
Wishing I can get back up to rumble 
One day I hope I can overcome 
And take what’s mine
My own Legacy 

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