Writing Prompt #127

Writing Prompt #127: What would you like to get better at?

I would like to get better at speaking

Conversation wise and public speaking

I barely even speak on social media

I see so many do it like it’s so easy, but me, I have to get up, get dress

Not any outfit will do the rest

Has to be one that I think is so fresh

Set up a light and take some meds before I do a tiktok or reels

In public, it’s worse, I often have to repeat myself more than once

Just to get my point across

On something simple as taking my order

Then with covid and these masks make me feel like I’m shouting for a number 3 with no pickles

Then, out the side of my eye, I can see a few let out some giggles

Then I felt a little embarrassed because this situation didn’t tickle

Once my order is done, I don’t even check

Just want to get away

And stay away

So maybe I want to get better at not caring for strangers’ opinions too

But for now I simply want to get better at speaking

So I can avoid situations

Prompt is from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/602919468850294528/

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