November Goals 2021

November Goals 2021: Scorpio season is here officially. Time to plan for my birthday month. What can I do this month to make my 24th birthday extra special?

  1. Try harder to keep your cool: This month I’m taking another crack at this. I don’t want no one interfering with my happiness this month. No one or any problem taking me down this month.
  2. Learn Something New: I have been learning how to cook a lot lately. Maybe I’ll learn a new recipe this month too. Or something else.
  3. Create a new spoken word reel: It’s been awhile since I made a spoken word reels like the Wake Up Reels.
  4. Workout: We need to buckle down our home workouts and give a genuine effort. We had our brief break. Now it’s time to make room for Thanksgiving and stay on a roll afterwards.
  5. Only Focus on yourself: It’s not being selfish but taking the time to have some little self-care time. Don’t trip over things that aren’t about K.

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