October Results 2021

October Results 2021: The end of the month is here and it’s time to look at our results. October was fun and kinda long. Let’s see if I accomplished everything.

  1. Post more social media content: By October 2nd, I had planned out the entire month for my main Instagram and secondary Instagram. Thanks to my planoly subscription. Passed
  2. Fully plan the outfit for the birthday shoot: I planned the shoot. From outfit to place and how I want my hair is all planned out. But money wise, I don’t see it happening. I wanted a dressy look. I had a nice jacket and turtleneck look. But it looked more business casual, and I wanted it to take place inside of a photo studio with a background and a real photographer directing all the shots. Maybe it’ll happen after my birthday or something. Passed
  3. Try harder to keep your cool: I lost my cool twice. So I failed this one. Failed
  4. Prepare another single: The single I had for this month. I pushed back to November. Just based on money again. I want to market it properly. I really don’t have a strategy for this one. It’s a poem that I recorded a while back that I never released. That I want to release. Just don’t know how. So I pushed it back to next month. Who knows when? Maybe I’ll just drop it to see how the audience I’m trying to build reacts. Passed
  5. Learn Something New: I learned how to make barbeque ribs. I have been on a cooking spree. Just learning how to cook and stuff. First it was spaghetti, now its ribs. Passed

So 4/5 is not bad. I’ll work to getting 5/5 tomorrow. That’s the wrap for this month. See you in my birthday month.

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