Crazy 3

This Poem series talked about everything in the world that I think is crazy. So this is a lot of rhyming and explaining my thoughts. Enjoy! View Crazy 1 & Crazy 2 First.

Crazy 3:

Black lives matter 
Let me chant black lives matter so everyone can pay attention 
But I honestly can’t feel the point in these types of chants
I mean, it’s about time we take a stand
Tired of seeing cops hit teens
But it’s crazy when I see teens fighting teens
People pull out cameras recording the teens
Half of us don’t even see the terror going on outside cause all we worried about is the green
People like me get bashed for trying to get in between 
So half the time I hear stuff and I try not to intervene 
But I can’t be blind to that much longer
I just tell myself the nations stronger
Knowing the nation is weak
Nothing but corrupt people in power
And people too naïve to fix their own problems 
So they worried about fixing others before fixing their selves
Just want everyone to do their work like Santa’s elves
Half of the people with the power to speak are killers themselves 
I don’t know if I should speak on that cause that’s just real n*gga shit
The same real n*gga shit that put us at the bottom of the pit
Because robbing, shooting and calling girls bitches is lit
And I just don’t get it 
The worlds so crazy
And it just amaze me
But I can’t act like these police shootings don’t faze me
Another man dies, another kid dies, another woman dies
How many more? I ask
I mean, if I drop a hot song, after killing people
I bet millions will cheer me on
And I ask why
What if the Vegas shooter had a hot song? Would you still think that he lit?
Why is violence so decorated as if it’s the way of life?
Is this really life?
But let me reach out on something real quick 
They wonder why we don’t stand for a flag that enslaved us for over 300 years 
That’s like singing happy birthday to a bully that been bullying you for years 
Now a sheriff wants to keep prisoners for their good work behavior with no pay
Hm, isn’t that slavery?
And one more thing: fuck Harvey Weinstein, 
Take advantage of women cause he mainstream 
People still trying to blame the women’s clothes
For the reason they get harassed 

How do another person’s clothes make you rape?
No, your sick mind makes you rape
I mean, when did we blame the victim
That’s like me shooting someone and then saying he shouldn’t have been slipping
I can’t believe people actually blame the victims
The next time a terrorist attack, I wonder, will people blame the victims 
I never thought the world could get more crazy
Crazy 3

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