Happy Stuff

This is my message to anyone who doesn’t like my content. Enjoy!

Happy Stuff: 

Most of my peers want to see me write about happy stuff 
Well, let’s see, I been spoiled since birth
Wow, that’s a first
I actually admitted it
I’m sorry, I’m just talking about these blessings I have
You want that happy stuff right
Well, forget that
They hate my content cause I speak from the heart
I don’t drive past the important shit to talk about chains and what chick is the baddest
That’s just something I don’t do
Everything I write has a purpose 
I wrote about depression cause I lived it
I write about bullying cause I’m tired of seeing it
I’m not like your favorite artists, who closed his eyes on important issues 
To flex on the universe and act like they the shit and we just the tissue 
Just write about happy stuff
How when the world is so rough?
Like when teachers beg kids to go to college 
To gain some knowledge 
4 years later and that knowledge ain’t shit for a job when they don’t have experience 
Or how about when there's an unfit man in charge 
You get what I’m saying, the world is harsh 
And I use my creativity to bring some of the shit out
And give advice and my views
If you listen and see the clues
Then you’ll realize I’m not singing the blues
I’m actually dropping jewels
But I’ll write something happy while living in hell
Where you get clowned on if you take this imaginary L
But no one ever tries to help you excel
This world is a dog eat dog world
I’m just trying to make it shine like pearls
But you want to hear something happy
Well, news flash everyday it’s not all about smiles and rainbows 
You got people on corners bussing like Rambo 
And Lil kids getting hit cause these bullets don’t got a name tho
It’s a shame 
And so many rather keep their silence 
Then to speak out about the violence
Not realizing that’s the problem
And besides, what’s a poem without a meaning
Just lines, rhymes, and empty feelings
But I should talk about happy stuff
Yeah Right

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