Writing Prompt #125

I have another prompt from the Write This Poem book. I wrote out one answer and just had a thought to do a second answer below it. So check it out or pick up the book for yourself. Yes the link is an affiliate link.

Writing Prompt #125: Write a poem about wishes

If I had one wish, I would escape
I have been longing for the experience 
It’s become my aspiration to feel that freedom
My ambition to be some place far away
Where I can only depend on my will
Because resorting to this life is a terrible deal
I never thought I’ll desire leaving so much 
But I’m not left with much of a choice
I hope this wasn’t their intention 
To make me feel unwanted 
But I feel the damage
I wish I can move to the place my grandpa loved to go
It’s my aspiration to go
To stay for good until god points me in another direction 
I’m yearning for the vacation 
Cause I lost all my patience 
Tired of waiting
I wish I could move today
Some place far away 
Where I no longer would be in your way

 Poem #2: 
Wishes are superstitious
Make you believe something can happen in an instance
When your goal is still in the distance
Because wishes don’t always come true without you

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