October Goals 2021

October Goals 2021:

October, the home of Halloween. It’s my time to plan out some goals for this month. Let’s see what I want done on my personal journey. For more of my journey, like and follow this blog.

  1. Post more social media content: I have been a ghost on my Instagram for a while now. I’m thinking about just sharing more poetry in different forms. I feel like I’m moving far away from where I need to be as a poet. I’m doing too much funny, goofy stuff on tiktok rather than poetry and other things close to being a writer.
  2. Fully plan the outfit for the birthday shoot: I really want this shoot but it comes down to money and the idea. So I’m planning out the second part while I grind. I’m leaning into the dressy shoot. A more formal approach. I want something with nude or brown color. 
  3. Try harder to keep your cool: Man this year is full of nothing but tantrums that’s hard to ignore. Always mad. Feeling down constantly. I don’t even think it’s worth discussing. I just want my peace back.
  4. Prepare another single: I’m trying to get a pattern. I want to release a new spoken word once a month. I have a spoken word dropping on October 22nd. I want another one ready to go next month. I have plenty in the vault that I want released. Just want to pick the right one. Especially next month I’ll probably release around my birthday.
  5. Learn Something New: This goal is mandatory. Have to keep this goal going for the rest of the year.

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