Depression Is

Depression Is

Depression is that loud neighbor that you wish you didn’t live beside

Depression is feeling like you’re having the best time of your life

And then you start thinking about the old times

Then you start to sigh

You look in the mirror and start to think why

Why is this my life?

Then you lie down and start to cry

Until your eyes can’t take any more

Then you fall into a deep sleep

When you wake up you feel a little ease

But when that feeling comes back you start to feel incomplete

Every day it’s the same old thing

Trying to explain this to your parents is like speaking to a brick wall

This is not something everyone goes through like when a baby learns to crawl

Before they walk

This is something that appears after several mistakes and several traumatic experiences

That people told you to just get over

So you try to brush it off your shoulder

But it goes off your shoulder and into your skin and travels to your mind

Then it replays in your mind over and over until you look in the mirror and ask

Why is this my life?

Why did I have to mess up?

Why did that have to happen to me?

But some times you wish it was as easy as talking to yourself

Other days you wish someone was around to help

When depression is in your head and you start to grab at a weapon

Then it’s all too late

You lay up with the pills, or that knife, or that gun, or that rope

You just hope

That somehow times will get better

But would it really

Thinking it would get better, does that make me silly

Depression is the loud neighbor you wish you didn’t live beside

Depression is inside me


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