Writing Prompt #120

Writing Prompt #120: What do you want your funeral to be like?

 Yes, I love this one. So I think I want to haunt people on my way out, so I want extreme embalming at my funeral. You know, those funerals where the body is in a pose. I have thought of this before. So you know I write poems about lack of support. With that being said, I want my body sitting in a pose towards a desk with a pen and pad. I want it to look like I’m writing, so you have no choice but to watch me work. After the funeral, I want one of my books passed out to people there. I told my mother a little about this and she said she not coming if I’m posed. You would come, right?

 Thank you for reading my short little plan. Tell me how you want your funeral to be. As always like, comment, and follow for more. See you next time.

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