September Goals 2021

September Goals 2021: September I hope will be a month to remember. Today, I lay out my goals for this month. I think it’s good to have a set of goals to look forward to. Write out your own goals if you like. Follow this blog for more of my journey through life. This is my piece of me to you for today. Check out my list.

  1. Take some new photos: Been about a month now. Time to add another shoot to the model dreams folder. I have a couple of fits in mind. 
  2. Stay Consistent with blogging: The last few months I have been letting things flow and honestly I think that approach is making me a little lazy. So this month I want to step it up a few notches and put a little more effort towards blogging. More posts a week is what I mean by consistency. I was posting maybe 3-4 times a week, and that’s not enough for me. Need and want more.
  3. Learn Something New: I think this may be a permanent goal for every list is to learn something new. Life is all about learning and growing.
  4. Enjoy the month: Tried to keep your head on straight and enjoy September. Just have some fun. Been stressing a lot lately and just want to put the mess behind us and live.
  5. Create a new Spoken Word: It’s been maybe a month since I put my voice on a mic. I have a couple of beats and some poems that I think will be great. With these streams coming in. I’m more motivated than ever to put something out.

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