Back In Good Spirits

Weekly Thoughts #107: Back In Good Spirits

 New weekly thoughts at the end of the month. It’s been a long one. I have been in good spirits this week. Not the most spiritual, but I prayed for peace in the middle of this month and its been great. I have been using old methods to stay relaxed in my current situation. I don’t believe I have had a tantrum in a week. It’s been a full week of no tantrums and it feels amazing. Not having that heavy pounding of my heart thumping like a marching band. Speaking of mental health. I had my second psychotherapy appointment Friday, and I talked way more than I did the last time. I think I’m warming up to her. I talked about my anger issues. I expressed how I feel when it’s happening and the warning signs before it happens. I received some advice that I was hearing a lot lately but with more information. Some new book recommendations that I’m putting in to my Amazon shopping cart later tonight. I can’t wait till this day and this month is just a funny memory for me.

 So on to some unpleasant news. I have been struggling with my weekly thoughts category. I’m mad at myself for just being lazy with the movie reviews because I have a load of them almost finished on my phone that’s just missing a few movie facts. I watch movies and shows every day. I just haven’t taken the time to write them out. I have been doing more watching than writing. But I’m on it. I promise a new one is coming next week. As well as a music highlight. I struggle with that one more. I just contemplate heavily. I sometimes think my ear for the music and giving a good personal review is not good or interesting enough for you. So I’m working on being more confident in my ability to write them. I keep reading other reviews and I’m trying to get a better feel for it. I want mines to talk about the music but also give you a thorough analysis of the artist a little because I watch a lot of interviews for artists I like and want you to know some things. Plus, just give my honest opinion and some of my favorite parts. It’s a work in progress for now.

 The month is ending and I’m looking at my goals like a stranger right now. Trying to think back and see what did I learn this month. Everything else, I have some sort of grasp on that goal. What did we learn? I just paused for 10 minutes, trying to think. I know my weight goal for this month is complete. Just the other day, I thought my stomach was poking out a bit. I locked in this week and was so focused on my food intake that I dropped a couple of pounds. I believe I was knocking on the 280s door a week ago. Now I’m on my way back to the 260s. Once I see those numbers move up, I’m locked in for the ride.

 The most exciting news I have for this week is Let Me Talk My Shit. This week for the first time I hit 100 streams on a single. To be exact, my stream is sitting at 183. I have been smiling from ear to ear just looking at this. Its on Spotify is where the numbers are. Not much to some, but means the world to me. It’s amazing and I’m not done yet. I may even hit 200 streams by next week, hopefully. Let me Talk My shit is thriving and I am proud. That’s really it for this week. I can’t wait until next month just because it’s another month closer to my birthday in November. See you all next week. If you want to hear something special, then stream Let Me Talk My Shit. 

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