Writing Prompt #118

Writing Prompt #118: Who was your most memorable teacher, and why?

Mr Harvey? Mr Harvard? I think of Mr Harvard. I think I forgot his name, but he was memorable to me in the 5th grade. He used to let me write my stories in class when I was done with my other work. I would write a violent, goofy tale that includes names of some classmates. But it always had some type of message to it. Then he would read it out loud to the class every Friday before the bell ringed. 

 That was my first site of support. I would light up from ear to ear while he read it. I would get handshakes and cheers when he finished reading. I used to feel like a celebrity on those days. I don’t know what prompted him to do this. But he only did it for me. I’m kinda mad I forgot his name. It may even be Mr Howard. Mr H is for sure his name, I hope. I wonder what he’s doing or how life shaped out for him. Those were the days at Columbia Park Elementary School. 

 Thank you for reading my quick brief story. Tell me some of your most memorable teachers and why in the comments. As always, like and follow for more. See you next time.

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