Writing Prompt #117

Writing Prompt #117: When was the last time you cried?

Writing Prompt #117: When was the last time you cried?

The last time I cried was the other day after having another tantrum 

Over the past few weeks, I was having one after another every time, it happens

It being that thing that I don’t want to acknowledge

But I know that thing hits my heart like a cap when I pledge

Everyone tells me to not to let this situation make my engine rev

But I wish this tantrum was something I could press

On and off, that button doesn’t exist here

It never did

I never had control when I threw those chairs

Never had control when those helmets went into the air

Never had control whenever I swung


So not being bothered is not in my arsenal 

Been venting a lot because this is personal

I cried because my tantrum takes a lot out of me

I break things that are a lost later

I act out in ways that are embarrassing,

Sometimes this tantrum last long enough for the fat lady to sing

Over the last month, 

I have had tantrums that last hours

Have you ever felt that power

Everything you look at becomes a target

When you hit things, you don’t feel pain

Even later, no physical pain is sustain

But the pain in the heart remains

So yeah, the last time I cried was the other day, but I have a feeling I’ll be in tears again

Because It will show again

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