You appeared in school one day

You were strong, but fast

I think a kid was irritating me

So I got mad like any other

But when I swung, my sight went black

When my vision came back,

Kids were holding me

The other kid was dazed

And I was the only one confused

Bystanders cheered

But it wasn’t until a few years later those cheers became fear

See you went from a flash one day in class 

To multiple flashes for 20 years of my life

I used to count, and my heart would stop racing 

My appetite would come back, and I would smile

But now I 

Am cruising further off the track

I can’t bear to stay in my crib 

Because everywhere I look, it’s a trigger

Then you come, and I black out and I fear hurting my people

I just want to leave, but not enough money in my pockets 

My car keys don’t exist

So to the exit by my room, I have to resist

But I’m so pissed

I pray and wish that you didn’t exist

I wish it didn’t come to this



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