Let Me Talk My Shit

Finally, a new spoken word is out. I have been working on this for a brief minute. It’s more of a freestyle spoken word. Some thinking out loud in this one. Beat is by Major League Beats. Let Me Talk My Shit is the next title after Goodbye Text. It’s about the same situation. More of me reflecting on what I learned from it. Self-reflection is a major key to growth. Anyway, check out the newly spoken word on all platforms. Here’s the link to it. Along with the lyrics below. Thank you, thank you, for viewing.

Let Me Talk My Shit:

Have you ever fell for someone 
Like really fell for someone 
To the point where you called and text them all the time
Just because you couldn’t get them out of your mind

Every day, you texted them good morning or GM for short
The two of you were iconic together 
Both of you knew everything about each other
It was like ya’ll was meant to be lovers
Then one day that love disappeared out of thin air,

You could no longer fathom their voice in your ear 
You used to think of them all the time, but now, when it comes to them, your mind is clear
That want to be around them is gone
That lust feeling left too

Now you try and force yourself to love them again
But no matter how much you push,
You just can’t feel it again
Maybe they was just meant to be here for a moment 

But I thought it would be permanent 
Have you ever fell for someone like I did 
But then that feeling disappeared

Maybe some people are just a lesson in disguise 
Instead of dwelling about falling out of love,
Maybe I should be learning 
Let Me Talk My Shit

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