How am I preparing for my new song?

Weekly Thoughts #105: How am I preparing for my new song?

New Looking for a new Pieces Of K Logo. One logo idea has failed. I wanted myself made up of pieces and then my name around it. The results are crucial. Several things are wrong but if fixed I don’t think I would like it, anyway. So I have another idea for a logo, just need to find the right artist to bring it to life. The idea is still fresh in my mind. I may try to draw it myself to get an idea for what I want. 

August 8th is just a couple of hours away and I’m excited to put my short little spoken word out. I always get nervous before a release. Or just eager for people to hear it. I got this dope little hand drawn lyric video made to go with it. It’s so cool to watch it go with the poem. Make a minute feel a little longer.

3 Weeks on Zoloft how do I feel? I feel more energized. I used to barely feel any feeling of let’s move right now. I was going out way more than usual. Even if it’s just to the store and back. As far as my anger goes. Not a match. Not even hopeful to stop my temper from being unleashed. As I’m writing this, my heart is pounding and my anger is at an all-time high. I have no appetite and I’m almost breathing heavy. Just ready to snap. Seen my trigger again today and I can’t stay calm. But I’m going to finish this post and try to relax.

Filling the month of august with posts for Instagram. Got this new app called Planoly, and it’s a lifesaver. It was about 180 bucks. Allows me to schedule Instagram posts for both of my primary accounts. Which is @Piecesofkblog & @K.exum. I’m on it with piecesofk. Still trying to figure out what content I want to post on my other account. I was all for my unique look I was creating. Where I do a photo of myself one day, then do a half quote post but I got tired of trying to stay in the schedule. I’m playing by heart for this month. Whatever I want to post on a day I’ll have scheduled for the post.

I’m slowly building a schedule. Now I don’t know if that’s bad or good. I want to have content ready to go at least 4 days out the week. Then an occasional double upload maybe once or twice a week. Sound good? Maybe so. That’s it for this week of blogging. Let me talk my shit will be out in a couple of hours. Here is the link to pre save down below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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