July Results 2021

July Results 2021: Time to wrap up this month. July it’s been great but it’s time to move along.

  1. Finish the 5th Horseman Book By James Patterson: Thoughts about lying but I didn’t finish. I’m looking at my Libby app and I literally have 4 hours of reading left. I’m so lazy and it doesn’t even make sense. I will be finished reading by tomorrow. But as far as this post goes, it was a fail.
  2. Go to therapy: Therapy was good and a new beginning. Also ended up in psychiatry as well. A new chapter of my life that I’m going to embark on.
  3. Lose 3 pounds: Gained 2. I’m just not into it. This weight I’m at is satisfying enough. I’m just going to let the weight flow from now on. I will not try to go high, but I will not aim anymore. Fail
  4. Learn something new: Learned how to change the belt on a vacuum cleaner. First time for everything. Right? No, but more seriously, I learned that it’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to express your feelings to a professional because they have the keys to a better you. You just have to let your guard down and let them in. I honestly feel way better after starting my new antidepressants. I’m out more. I’m open to going to more places. I feel like I’m talking more and relaxing more. Not fully complete, but it’s a start.
  5. Plan for a new single: Done. New single is all planned out and on its way next month. On the 8th to be exact. It’s a unique sound. It’s more of a self-reflection of me. Pre Save Now!

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