5pm In The DMV

5 Pm in the DMV:

I just want to get back to following my passion

Instead, I suffer from trying to build a faction

I guess I just still want to be the major attraction

The reason I always end up crashing

Just want people to stand and cheer for me

Maybe that’s why I always accept defeat

Because I’m so focused on making people stand on their feet

Instead of taking that big leap,

So since I’m worried about who on their feet

I end up losing that feeling that’s deep inside me

That feeling of hunger and starvation that drives me to creating 

Sometimes I just be debating

The longer I think about what will make them happy, makes my dream deflate

I have learned that your mind should only be on creating

And not on the rating

Cause some ones going to love it and hate it

It’s a good and bad in every situation

So keep on grinding and have patience

Cause when you make it

Those who hated 

Going to be on the sidelines with signs just waiting

See, right now many already started hating

But when that money flows, or that championship hits your hands there will be no debating

I’m just giving the guidelines to this world’s equation

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