How was my first day of psychotherapy?

Weekly thoughts #103: How was my first day of psychotherapy?

 We have completed a new goal. I had my first psychotherapy appointment on Tuesday and boy, it couldn’t have come at a better time. I had it scheduled since April. Since then my house has felt lighter and happier, then it got heavy and dark again last week. I never been so mad before and for so long. Scary feeling when you start to fear yourself. This conversation needed more than just psychotherapy. So I had to make an appointment for the next day with a psychiatrist.

 Psychiatry was cool. I think my only issue was our conversation was interrupted by audio quality. I can’t wait till I can just talk in person. I feel like both appointments were just the introduction. I finally told someone about my temper that I have been having an issue with since I was a kid. Something I always been ashamed of but I never had control of. It’s like I black out and then I do things that I don’t know I’m doing. It’s crazy. I only know the outcome because others tell me. But to me I always feel relieved but ashamed at the same time. Still no answer on what it is yet, but I can’t wait till I know. I also started a new medication to help with it and depression. The drugs have a lot of side effects but I haven’t felt none yet. I’ll let you know next week if I feel a difference.

 I filled this week with appointments. Including my root canal procedure. God, I wish I can start over with my teeth because this was just 1 of 4 that I need done. It’s so stressful. But surprisingly this procedure gave me no pain during and after. Well, so far I have felt no pain.

One goal down for this month. I’m working on getting this single out soon. But I’m still planning the marketing scheme. I want to be more prepared for this one. It’s a cool, chilled out spoken word song. I have a part I may add to it but need to learn a new skill first. I’m still yapping on but let’s close out. I know I have been slacking on the music highlights but I’m about to write several soon and a what’s on tonight post coming too. I’ll see you guys next week. Thank you for viewing and hearing my current thoughts this week. Follow me on Instagram @k.exum.

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