June Results 2021

June Results 2021:

This month is coming to a close

So Let’s see how I did with my goals

Didn’t make it to 265

3 days a week just wasn’t enough

It’s tough

Getting back to my old schedule

Hoping the weight would drop in these last few days

But that’s just not the case

This was my last month going on this chase

Going to leave it in god’s hands in July

I read once or twice per week

I know that wasn’t the goal I set out to complete

But this month had some turns that kept my head spinning

Still spinning, just trying to get back to the plan I envisioned

When it comes to Visions

I planned out a fresh shoot

Pretty soon I’ll be getting some shots in before the next season

Didn’t learn a new skill

After 30 days I just hope I can get out this funk

My mind is stuck on my doctor’s news

That’s my only excuse

If you were juggling the possibility of cancer

You’ll be stuck too, waiting for the doctor’s answers

Sometimes I wish I never told the doctors what I felt maybe then I would be happy not knowing

Just got a lot weighing on my shoulders

Anyway, June is over

July is coming

See you then

The List:

  1. Chase after 265 pounds: Fail 
  2. Read Once per day: Fail
  3. Workout at least 3 times a week: Success
  4. Learn something new: Fail 
  5. Plan a summer model dreams shoot: Success

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