The Bounce Back

Weekly Thoughts #102: The Bounce Back

The one hundred and seventh week of my weekly thoughts is here. What a week it has been. Created a new series called Music Highlight of The Week. It’s now apart of my weekly thoughts primary category. I have been wanting to make this a new category because I’m a music head. I love hip hop and apparently a little pop. Referring to Ollies album being labeled pop. Didn’t realize it was pop till I seen the genre. I have a boatload of music I been meaning to listen to. I love listening to new artists, old artists. If I like it, then I’ll listen to it and give an opinion on what I like about it. That’s all this new category is. No proper music blogging background so my opinion may not be professional. I refuse to do a critical review because sometimes music doesn’t connect with you because it’s not for you. So check out the first music highlight of the week. I’m still trying to figure out do I want to keep posting it on Fridays or Saturday. Not sure yet. This post will happen weekly.

My blog is my family. It’s also a part of my therapy. So I have to be honest when I say I had a health scare this week that made my heart drop. Still don’t know how to feel. Just when life seems to go up, I’m smacked in the face with a possibility that can set me back. Mentally, I don’t know if I can take another operation right now. Especially not one for the “C” word. I can’t believe that was thrown out there. Still is not out of the question. Man, this thing called life can really have some crazy unexpected turns.

The month is ending soon, and I have to catch up on my goals. Fell behind the last few days. My head was just everywhere except where it needed to be. Time for the bounce back. I have a couple of days to put together some blogs to finish out this month and start off the next month.

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