Writing Prompt #112

Writing Prompt Wednesday prompt is from https://www.pinterest.com/pin/696369161119534104/

Writing Prompt #112: Something(s) you struggle with

I struggle with a lot of things

Not being able to sing

Just kidding singing is not something I was blessed with

I was blessed with poetry

But often I struggle with falling into the rhyme scheme

I enjoy rhyming

Some reading may think it’s too much

But, I love this stuff

I struggle with performing 

Only once that I stood in front of a crowd 

That’s the day I choked and never stood in front again

I forget how long it’s been 

Since I was seventeen or eighteen,

Back when the year was still in their teens

I think 2016 is when I choked

2021 is the year now and I still haven’t went back

So I struggle with rhyming too much and stage fright

But I believe the light at the end of this chapter is still bright

I struggle with speaking aloud

I always been shy

But I always am not shy with my peers

So I don’t know the issue, I just know I speak low and it’s not caught by most ears

I struggle with math

Knowing mx times B never was my strong suit

In most classes, I never had a clue to what the answer was

I, uh, struggle with writing an interesting story

Not because it’s hard but because I have had family tell me I wasn’t good enough 

So their only one judge

But their negative thoughts always weigh on me

Because the little kid in me still wants to make them happy

I struggle with finishing this poem

I know it’s getting long, but I know it’s some more in this head 

Until I figure it out,

You spell it out

What do you struggle with? 

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