Reinventing Myself

Weekly Thoughts #101: Reinventing myself 

First week of June and I stayed on track with my 3 days of gym fitness. I feel so alive. These are my results for this week on the elliptical. God, I wish I had one at home. I feel like I sweat the most on here. I have lost so much weight on these machines. I logged my weight for the first time since April. I am at 274. It’s not much, but I know all the blame is on me. It’s just like in 434 part 2. I have to match my eating to my exercise, then there’s no defeating me. I just have to eat less and workout more.

Maria has been edited. I feel good about this one. I love doing story telling. I made this poem over 3 years ago and I’m tired of listening to it. Marketing wise I have a couple of ideas for it. Maria is just a small piece of the whole storyline to it. Once I get this one out how I want to, then I’ll move onto the second one or I’ll wait and switch it up. (The cover is just temporary)

I really want to focus on releasing more quality songs. I feel like I’m good aside from the stage presence. I believe I need more of a catalog. When I listen to the old, I see some patterns and I want to see versatility. I was having an identity crisis this week. Although I feel like I’m good but I think I need more of a poetic flow. What you think? Something like Growth has that sound but some others don’t. I know I’m not done learning and want to practice my poetry delivery. 

So I released 3 new spoken words. All on Audiomack the new sound publishing service. Didn’t really want to go the apple streaming services way. I released growth which was from 2019 and it mentions doing better in 2020. I posted it before in a slideshow but never the audio alone. So I didn’t want to post that like that but admire my art. Until now, is posted. Then there’re Movies which I didn’t feel was worthy of a grand release and I was tired of seeing those on my hard drive. Now if they were prepared poorly, then maybe I would have just dumped them.

That’s the end of this week. View all of this weeks posts. Leave comments below.


  1. I love your blog. I’m looking to do exactly the same. I have so much stuff I want to let out. Facebook and Instagram just isn’t working.

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