Writing Prompt #110

Writing Prompt #110: Favorite Poem you’ve written/why: Prompt from https://pin.it/24mAb5D

My favorite poem has to be don’t ask me that sh*t

I like the raw energy of it

I had an aggressive tone when it was recorded

When I wrote it I wanted it to be a message

That the big fat dude you once knew,

Was no longer playing sports for you

He was only playing with the pen

And that anyone still looking for him to be their dream chaser

Was no longer wanted 

That period in time left me haunted

It was exhausting trying to tell everyone that you were your own person

With your own aspirations, 

4 years of my life were wasted

When I could have been creating

Most nights I was trying to take my own life

Because I was tired of seeing the puppet in the mirror

Most kids around that time were focused on college

But I couldn’t focus on anything but trying to escape my home

Because the football dreams were being drilled into my dome

When I was at the store

People were asking me the same thing

Do you play football?

At school,

Do you play football?

At the zoo,

Do you play football?

I couldn’t escape those words

It was almost like I was in a maze

Lord, I don’t miss those days

That poem was special because I finally said I had enough 

I had enough of the looks of a meal ticket every time I crept into a room

Everyone looked at me like I was a unicorn

They act like they never seen a  6’2 430 pounder before

Or a kid who wanted more than a scholarship 

I wanted to be a writer

Still today I fight to prove I’m a writer

Don’t ask me that shit was my favorite 

Anyone who doesn’t like it

I say the same thing I said at the end of that stanza,

If you don’t like it, die slow

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