May Results 2021

May 2021 has come to an end. Time to wrap it up with a poem and a list. Enjoy!

May Results 2021 Poem:

265, 265, I haven’t reached you yet

But I’m back in the gym and I feel so alive

60 minutes of cardio just starting out

Next month I’ll reach you on my route

In and out, I’ll make my play

I’m hungry for more weight loss

200 pounds was a hell of a loss 

But this is not my final form

I got comfortable but I’m not done yet

This isn’t my best

I have a lot more in this flesh

I didn’t keep up with my workout schedule 

I’m just getting back into this routine

But I’ll get back to the routine I have known since I was 18

I stayed hydrated 

3 bottles a day 

Read on some days 

Completed 4th of July

It was the best one since 1st to die

Learned something new

In the studio,

How to change my voice

Learned how to change an air filter

Two weird new accolades 

That’ll make K better in some way

As I look to the next month to change some of my ways

To achieve a new set of goals

The List:

  1. Get to 265: Failed
  2. Finish 4th Of July: Finish this book 2 weeks in and even started on the 5th horseman.
  3. Workout at least 3 times out of each week: Failed
  4. Drink 3 bottles of water every day: Wasn’t that tough, but I got it down. 
  5. Learn Something New: I learned how to change my pitch in Logic Pro x. To fit the crazy idea in my head for an alter ego. I watched a couple of YouTube videos that really didn’t help. So I just played with the software until I came upon a plug-in that allowed me to change my pitch. And the product of this discovery will hit the net soon.

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