Wasn’t there for Sandra, but we believe

Wasn’t there for Breonna, but believe she was innocent 

Without even seeing any evidence, 

But for the latest victim of your favorite celebrity,

We need evidence brought up

We need the cops to catch up

We need a trial

If the results take a while

You think the man was right


What does it take for her to be a victim?

Some have brought up videos 

Said it on record

Have kits done, but your favorite could never

It’s so hard for a victim to say they were victimized 

Because of how many records you liked

Gaslight the abuser then blame the victims

Seems to be the answer for someone speaking out

If she was a victim to someone you like, then she must want clout,

She must be looking for a big pay off

But was you there?

Was I there?

Who knows the answer ?

None of us, only the two

But you think he’s innocent because he made money off records yeah that makes sense?

Because when you’re rich your incapable of violating someone right?

Just asking because I wasn’t there

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