The Process 2

New poem for today. If you remember The Process One was more about my process with weight loss. Now I’m going through another process. I hope you enjoy this one too. As always like, comment, and follow for more.

The Process 2:

They say stay consistent 

Other than my blog I have been doing a shitty job

Spoken word after another with no views makes me want to quit

They never said it was going to come quick

Nor did they say to be so focused on the profits

That you lose yourself trying to make it

I want results without putting in work

Got discouraged 

Then lost the courage to keep going

I love this it’s still my passion 

But my movements is crowded by all the depression still weighing on my soul

Tried to turn my heart cold

But I care too much

I love her and value her opinion the most

The fact that I still think she is disappointed in my art

Makes me not want to be around her

So my thirst for the profits get stronger

That just slow down my process

I’m stuck in the process

Just want to be free like recess

Tired of being depressed 

I just want to move things along

So I can disappear 

Get far away from her

I await the day my pockets is filled

And I’m a million miles away

The Process 2

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