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Book Talk: 3rd Degree

Today we have the third book of the women’s murder club series by James Patterson. 3rd Degree which debuted in March 2004. This book started with an explosion that rocked the city of San Francisco. It’s written by James Patterson and Andrew Gross.

The addition of a murder happening every 3 days kept me on my toes. Just right when you thought they were getting close, there was another murder. It was like once the protagonist thought they had the killer in their grasp, another person died. Then how they were dying was so unique.

As a fan I was sad when my girl died after all that. I will not say who. But she was definitely an underdog hiding behind a shield. It was said in the description that someone was going to die, but she wasn’t my pick. I liked this one. It was a mystery all the way through. I suspected someone’s involvement, but never thought they were the top dog. It was good, but not my favorite. But I love the plot of the sort of vigilantes taking down big corporations.

The ending wasn’t as great as the others to me. Maybes because I’m not a sucker for love. But overall I enjoyed this one. I can’t wait to finish 4th of July. More on that next month, possibly. We all know how my reading schedule is. As always like, comment and follow for more. Let me know if you liked my short review for this amazing book.

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