Writing Prompt #106

Writing Prompt #106: Write down 5 positive things you can tell yourself instead of the typical negative self talk. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/648870258811197013/

  1. You use to look for support but you didn’t realize your friends has been your support. You see your support now. Now show them and the haters how great you are.
  2. You have lost so much, and I know you can lose even more. Just stay focused on the task at hand.
  3. Keep Pushing K. Consistency and knowledge is the key. Learn more and stay consistent.
  4. You’re in the position to get everything you ever wanted. Now feed every position.Your blog equals Potential. Feed that mf. Your music. Feed that mf. Social Media. Feed that mf. Modeling. Feed that mf. Keep CREATING.
  5. You’re growing more than you’ll ever know. Went from 5 views a day to 70 a day. If that’s not an example then I don’t know what is. Your great and we’re going to continue to be that. Stop looking for the applause and applause yourself.

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