April Results 2021

April Results 2021: Today I’m going to tell you how my journey to complete the April Goals went with a little poem and list. Like, comment and follow for more of my journey.

April Results 2021 Poem:

April, what can I say

The verdict was guilty 

After weeks of a trial 

They tried to blame drug usage for a while

We all seen him choke him for almost 10 minutes, just filthy

And they still try to say it’s not the system

Hope he gets every year that the crime deserves 

Ok back to my life

Built up so much hype

To drop more weight 

But I cleaned many small plates

And barely broke a sweat doing workouts 

So I only lost 3 pounds

275 to 272

Not enough to see 265

But I’m still happy my stomach is mini fat

Second, I made a mini YouTube video

I’m a cheater so I’m counting that miniature video 

But I really want to make a ten-minute video when I find an idea

Until then subscribe here

I didn’t finish 4th of July

But I can’t lie

I barely cracked it open all month

I just be distracted by other things

That I barely seen those pages

I know it’s crazy

But I planned another photoshoot

This one will have a theme

A writing theme mixed with fashion

Just trust me, it will show off my passion 

Also, my love for fashion 

Lastly, I made 2 new spoken word songs

I’m not releasing one for a while but the other may bless the tube soon

Or maybe TikTok cause it’s short

But it gets to the point

Just like this poem

Like and comment if you enjoyed 

The List:

  1. Get to 265: I didn’t come close. Only lost 3 pounds from 275. 
  2. Make a YouTube video: ✅ Here the link. It’s a short poem video. 
  3. Finish 4th of July By James Patterson: Im halfway done. Not quite done yet. Another week. 
  4. Plan another photoshoot: ✅ I have set a theme for a change. I have some of the outfit in my possession but another top and some boots are holding me back from my shoot but it’s a work in progress.
  5. Make another song: ✅Made one yesterday. 2 actually.

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