New Addition!

Weekly Thoughts #98: New Addition!

First day of May and I already feel some sort of regret from last month. Maybe I shouldn’t have deleted my old music. It just seems off trying to redo old feelings. But it sounded so bad and was a poor reflection of my skill. Plus, I stole the beats, so they had to go. But I do miss them. I’m mainly redoing stories. So a little regret feeling this week.

New addition to the family. As you know last year my Mac went down and this year I invested in an older iMac, just in case I have the same issues again. Plus, I always wanted one. I’m an apple man. Everything I create I use apple products. This came from my local computer shop. DMVcomputerman for only $150. Not bad. This is not a promo but I just like to support.

I received my vaccine this week. No dangerous symptoms so far. Hope I never do either. I know it’s frowned upon, but it was my decision. That’s it for this week. Like, comment and follow for more of my journey. Check out my new little YouTube video down below. See you next week.

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