How I’m falling behind?

Weekly Thoughts #97: How I’m falling behind?

The month is almost at a closing and I’m behind. My weight is still at 275. I know it’s hard to move the scale, but I have been showing little to no effort of changing that. So I’m behind. 

Chauvin gets convicted, but then there’s another cop killing. On top of the 2 from last week. When does it end? Never is when. My head hurts so much from this never-ending cycle. I just don’t want to see it anymore at this point. But it won’t change. It never does. Fight for one, then another one is killed. The past 3 have been younger than most. But the excuses never change. They just switch mouths to come out.

Not loving my photos anymore. The edits are so inconsistent. Some photos make my light blue jacket look darker. My cream hoodie looks white. So I’m deleting the pictures that I edited and use my normal editor instead of Adobe. I usually let a freelance editor do it but I did some myself and I haven’t been liking the results. Maybe I’ll leave it and just learn from this experience and how to be better, but it’s definitely a thought. Anyway, read about how I got these shots in the new Perfect Shot: Walker Mill Regional Park.

I feel like I have been separating Pieces Of K from K. Exum too much. The Instagram serves its purpose as being a platform to showcase multiple pieces from the blog. To drive attention. Could have used mines, but I wanted a unique look for my page. The Facebook account is second hand to Instagram. It helps me promote and I think will be handy for when I do other things to come. Pinterest has been serving both the blog and other products. I think this is where I draw the line. I don’t think I need anymore separation. Or do I? Made a TikTok but felt like it made more separation. So it ended but you can follow my only TikTok now. Just hit 1,000 followers the other day. Speaking of social media, follow me on all platforms. I’m on everything that’s out. I’ll leave links below.

Not much this week. Didn’t write one of these last week because nothing was on my mind. But as always like, comment and follow for more of my journey.

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