Watkins Regional Park

Perfect Shot: Watkins Regional Park

The search for the Perfect Shot lands me in Kettering, Maryland. At a little park called Watkins Regional Park, as my friend and I look to get some shots of myself. Come join me on my day. If you like, then simply follow for more. Let’s begin. 

Tried 3 parks this time. First it was Yards Park whose guidelines of 50 or less went out the window. It looked like a school field trip out there. They were deep. I didn’t want to take the chance of being around that many people doing a pandemic. Plus, I like to get views in my shots, but they were shoulder to shoulder out there. But the online pictures were beautiful. Maybe one day they’ll be a Yards Park Perfect Shot, but not that day. 

Then a 10 minute trip to Garfield Park had even more people. Nowhere to park, and they were deeper than the other park. One day I’ll revisit at a much lighter capacity. CDC missed that event. 

Last, we traveled back to Maryland to Watkins Regional Park. I didn’t look at any pictures like I usually do these places. But I‘ll say the pictures came out good. I saw these Logs sitting around and got some shots near them. Not much to work with. Used some bleachers for another set of looks.

The outfit was again mainly boohoo.com. As you know if you follow me on Instagram @k.exum you’ll know I’m a returning customer. The jeans are from boohoo. Size 44, if anyone’s wondering. I never say the size but hey let’s do something different. Can’t really remember what size jeans I used to wear. I barely liked to wear jeans before my gastric sleeve surgery. The jacket was boohoo as well. A size 4xl. Fits me perfectly around the last bit of gut I have. The arms are a lot shorter. I’m particularly used to that. This jacket is out of stock sadly.

The sweatshirt is from a local brand in the DMV. Called 100 Brawn. It’s a big and tall brand based out of the DMV. Since I’m still in the big and tall area, I gave it a shot. The quality of the hoodie was better than expected. Could tell they took their time making this and I love the cream color on me. It was my first time wearing that color, and I think it complimented my melanin just fine. The shoes were of course Air Force One High tops, if you didn’t notice. Along with my Nike mask. I think the last post I had a BLM mask now Nike. Maybe I’ll find another unique mask for the next one.

Almost forgot the shirt is from fashion nova. I enjoy getting shirts from them. I’m fairly still big and haven’t figured their pant sizing yet. Brought some jeans from them before and it didn’t make it past my knees. So I stick to the tee shirts for now. The choker chain was from Boohoo as well. A little 8 dollar chain. Nothing expensive. Now it’s on sale for 5 bucks. The glasses were Burberry. They were a Christmas present a few years back. I wanted to stay on key with the silver lining on the chain and the shades. Attention to detail.

I love the new pictures. Some were edited by my personal favorite on Fiverr, Yannick. Some I used Adobe light room. I used some presets that I brought from Juliepresets.com. I found them through a google search. It was only about 10 bucks for 10 sets. If you’re not comfortable with presets and how to do them. There are a instructions guide you can download that helps you once you purchase the preset. I used a custom preset for one picture. 

Tell me how you like the looks in the comments below. I hope to find another magnificent park the next time. Hopefully, with a low capacity. Until then, like, comment, and follow this blog for more. Follow me on my journey to find the perfect shot.

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