Writing Prompt #104

Writing Prompt Wednesday is back. Today I tried to write a short story to this prompt. Honestly, I might have failed this one. I did an entire scene with just dialogue. Did it develop into a story? You be the judge.

Writing Prompt #104: Write a short story that takes place entirely in a canoe.

 “So, what do you have on your chest? Let it out. Enough of this half talking nonsense. Let it out. Be a man.” Grayson said as he put the paddle down and looked into his young son’s eyes.

 Darrel looked away as he tried to continue to paddle the canoe by himself. The weight of the water was too much to handle for his small muscles. His father looked on in despair as he just shook his head. He then reached over and snatched the paddle out of his hands and placed it on the floor.

 “What?” He spat.

 “What’s the problem between me and you? Lay it on me,” he said.

 “I’m tired of playing basketball. I’m not good at it and I never wanted to play in the first place,” he shouted. 

 Grayson shook his head in disagreement. He stared at his son.

 “Listen, I played when I was a kid. I didn’t make it into the league. But you have a chance now to start young and build up to that point. This is for your future” 

 “Your not listening. I don’t want to be the next Lebron. I want to be the next Darrell Peyton. I want to follow my dreams, not yours,” he cried out.

 “It’s about your future. You can make it to the league. Make money for you and your family. The ladies love the players. It would be great for you” 

 “It would be great for you. I want to draw for a living. I want to create magnificent art works. I already been doing it for so long. People really like what I make.”

 “No way. That’s stupid. Stick to this sport. I promise you’ll love the outcome”

 Grayson then began paddling again. Darrel followed along as they continued to row up the creek. Making their way back to land. Neither said a word to each other again. 


Remember, the planned career path you have for your children is not what they want. You lived the way you wanted. Now it’s their turn. It’s not your second chance.

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