Let’s Write A Narrative Poem

Let’s Write A Narrative Poem:

Narrative Poem: A narrative poem tells a story. A story about a certain situation with a beginning, middle and end. It can have characters and a plot, but it has to tell a story. Can be any size length.

The Monster:

The lovely couple was on the way home from a movie that they thought was great

Eddie astounded the husband he even said he hadn’t lost his touch

Elizabeth thought it was going to come out a little rough 

But Jim thought they figured out how to make it like the first

Suddenly Elizabeth heard a sound that made her say, Babe, stop the car

There was a monster that appeared at their window holding a gun

Jim started to plea for the sake of him and his wife

The monster snatched Jim out of the car without saying a word

Jim’s heart started to beat rapidly cause he didn’t know what to expect

He didn’t know if he was going to survive or meet death 

The monster asked Elizabeth was she being held hostage

Jim said no

The monster then grabbed him and slammed him against the car door

He shouted, “Shut up”

Elizabeth cried out “Leave him alone”

Jim said I didn’t do nothing wrong

He even raised his arms up as highest as he can

The monster then raised his weapon

His weapon flashed orange twice, Now Tonight a coffin is what Jim slept in

The monster later told his friends the suspect had a weapon

They never found a weapon

Disclaimer: I found out about this type of poem from this article. https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/article-narrative-poems Hope you enjoyed this post. Be sure to try this out on your own or in the comments below.

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