You know what I hate ,

Black movies about cop shootings 

They be front row for the movies

But not there when we need them

Look around they documenting our struggles

Just for their new hustle

And you eat it up like it’s a new lunchable 

Politics got the ritz feeling unstoppable 

Got them asking us for ID’s 

We already got to fear for being stopped and murdered by the police

Now they calling the feds on us just for living in nice neighborhoods

Most cops pull up and start arresting or just start shooting

We didn’t do nothing officer leads to us face down on the pavement

Knee pressed against our necks

Dead in 9 minutes

The pay off is tremendous

But the punishment is barely there

The trauma of my death becomes another kids fear

But in a couple of years this will be a movie for everyone to see

At least my dying breath will be captured in a movie


A short visual of this poem. The voice is of course yours truly. You can also listen to the audio on,

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