Need More!

Weekly Thoughts #96: Need More!

Week 96 of my thoughts are in the book. Now let’s write about it. For starters its National poetry month and it doesn’t feel like it. Released 2 new poems this week but I feel like I should do more. Maybe recite some poems. I think last year or the one before last I recited a poem every day of the month. I don’t want to go overboard like that, but may do one later.

I have been struggling with trying to take some outfit of the day shots uniquely. I don’t want it to be a planned shoot. I want it to be a self home shoot but I can’t seem to wrap my head around how I want to do it. A mirror maybe? Maybe in front of a background? Who knows at this point?

I think I need more. More music, more stories, etc. I think content outworks marketing. The more you have, the more they’ll see. I believe I need to produce more quality content like I know I can. I have 1 album and 1 story. I want more. While I look to create and release more, you can keep up by following this blog. Check out all the posts from this week down below.

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