April Goals 2021

April Goals 2021: New month needs new goals. Let’s set our gameplan.

Get to 265: I still can’t believe I went up that much. It’s time I get back to 270 and down to the 60s. I know it’s possible. No gym has been tough but I know a little workout at home with some consistency will bring me to my goal.

Make a YouTube video: I want to be a YouTuber. It’s time I be one. No one’s holding me back. Let’s make it happen.

Finish 4th of July By James Patterson: This plot is already better than 3rd Degree. I’m loving how close to home this one is too. I’m even excited to get to the end.

Plan another photoshoot: It’s been a couple of weeks but I already want another shoot. 

Make another song: I made one last month and want to stay on track with my yearly goals. So let’s keep adding on unreleased songs till we drop a project.

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