Happy Easter

Weekly Thoughts #95: Happy Easter

 For starters, my closing views for March were incredible. I thought hitting 2.4K views in the past 2 months. But hitting 2.7k was even better to close out March. I stopped aiming for views months ago but it’s still special to see those numbers rise. I await the day I can say I hit 2,000 views in a day. Or better yet per post. Time will tell. All I can do is keep creating and let the rest fall into play.

The wait for April’s goals continues as I try to pick one more goal. I usually post the results on the last day of the month. Then the new goals on the next day. But this time I struggled to write March results, so it didn’t post until the first. While April’s goals are still being written. I can’t think of my goals for this month. I have to do them. They keep me on track and intact. Looking forward to completing something helps me prevail. Just need 5 little goals.

I have been researching photoshoot themes lately. A theme is what most of my shoots lack. It’s never a clear destination with it. This time I want a theme that connects my love for fashion and writing. So I have that part down pack. Now I’m planning out the setting and outfit. I can’t wait till I figure it out. That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading my thoughts for this week. Enjoy my previous posts. See you next week.

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