March Results 2021

March Results 2021: Today I wrap up the month of March. It was fun while it lasted. So I have a poem and list that wraps up March Goals 2021.

3rd month of the year and I finally got some flicks up

Messed around and made my weight go up

No excuses

I’m used to this

This weight bounces up and down like a seesaw

It went up last month but it’ll be down the next

Recorded 2 new spoken words

But still didn’t find the courage to make a YouTube video

Blamed it on equipments but maybe it’s both

I can do it, that’s all that I know

Losing this poem in the rhymes

Never a suitable case

My mind and these rhymes just intertwine

I have to escape

Finished 3rd degree and it was lack luster

Haven’t written a book talk because I can’t find some kind words for it

But 4th of July has all my attention

Can barely sit it down

Lindsay boxer continues to throw down

March is down

Now to April

The List:

  1. Take some photos for Model Dreams: Done. It was one of the more tough shoots but it’s done and being posted now.
  2. Try to get to 265 pounds: Not going to lie. I went up. I went from 270 to 285. Once I realized I went up, I started changing. I ended the month at 279.
  3. Finish 3rd Degree: Finished it in about two weeks into the month. I have already started the 4th book of the series.
  4. Record a new spoken word: I recorded 2 new spoken words this month.
  5. Make a YouTube Video: Didn’t make it happen this month. I have a poetry video ready to go up but I’m thinking of getting some more custom work done. Like a banner, intro and outro. Plus some more equipment for the video I want to produce. So I’m still in the preparing stages.

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