Writing Prompt #103

Writing Prompt #103: Write a short story that begins with the sentence: “She woke up to a sound she’d never thought she’d hear again.

She woke up to a sound she’d never thought she’d hear again. Jake appeared, coming through her bedroom door. She slid back in her bed as she pressed her knees against her chest. 

“I said breakfast. You want some, honeybunch?” He asked as he stirred the sausage in the pot he was holding.

 “How-How did you get in here?” She asked as her eyes wandered around the room. Her lips quivered. Sweat slid down her face.

 Jake walked closer and closer to the bed. He stirred faster and faster. His tall frame stood over her as he made his way to her bed that she was lying in.

 “That doesn’t matter, honey. The only thing that matters is that I’m here now and I have breakfast for you.” 

I can go to the window, but I’m 3 stories up. I have to get away. She thought as she moved out of the bed.

 “Not so fast. Eat your sausage first” he said as he threw the sausages at her face. The sausage hit her face for a brief second as she jumped up and tried to run out the room. Jake caught her in the face with the bottom of the pan as she ran pass.

 2 Hours Later:

 “Huh. What the hell is going on? Let me go please” she uttered. Abby’s hands was tied behind her back. Her feet was  bound as well. She was in the middle of her living room in her apartment.

“No, we have some catching up to do. How have you been, honey?” He asked.

 “I-I-I.” She stuttered.

 “I see the cat has your tongue. It always seems to have it.” He said. While pacing back and forth in front of her.

  “I have had a lot to think about the last 4 years in the state penitentiary for domestic abuse on you.” Jake said as he pulled a whip out of his backpack. “You remember this?”

 Not the whip. I still have lashes on my stomach from that thing. I remember being tied to the bed and hit repeatedly. Blood dripped from places I never thought I’ll drip from. I have to get out of here.

 “No. No. Please don’t. I had to tell the cops. It was the only way. To stop the beatings,” she cried.

 Knock, Knock! “Police, is everything okay?” The officer said from behind the door.

 “Help!” Abby screamed as Jake pulled a blindfold over her mouth. 

 The police kicked in the door. Jake stood behind Abby’s chair and pulled out a nine millimeter beretta. He aimed the gun at the side of her head. 

 “Get back or I’ll spill her brains all over the carpet,” he shouted. 

 The cop made his way into the apartment as his partner stayed hidden behind the wall of the doorway. His hand was firmly placed on his weapon as he held his hand out. 

 “Hey lower your weapon or” Officer White said before being interrupted.

 “Or what? Your going to kill me. I’ll take my chances.” He uttered as he raised his weapon at the cop. 

 The cop in the doorway bent the corner and let off a round as Jake let off his. The shots caught him off guard as he didn’t see the cop the entire time. 2 bullets hit him as he had let off a round himself. The bullets kissed Officer White’s forehead. Jake fell back onto the couch.

 “I need a medic now. Officer down. The suspect is down, ” Darrell said as he walked into the apartment. He removed the blindfold from her mouth. “Mam are you okay?”

 “Is he dead? Please tell me he’s dead.” She asked as Darrell removed the ropes from around her wrists.

 In one smooth motion, Jake awakened from behind the cop. He grabbed the knife off the sock of his leg. He rose behind him and in one swift motion slit his throat. The blood oozed onto the top of her head as his body collapsed onto her. She collapsed on the floor as the weight from his body made her fall. Her ankles were still bound to the chair.

 “Now where were we.” Jake pulled the cop off her. To his surprise, Abby had pulled the pistol out of the cop’s holster. The gun coughed 3 times. Jake’s lifeless body spilled onto the floor. 

“Finally, it’s over.” 

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