Sad World

How come a badge makes you superior? Like if you got a badge your God. You can take many lives away. Whenever you want. And I’m told to deal with it. I have to find ways to keep my life. I’m automatically looked at as a criminal just because of how I look. How do you think I feel when I see these monsters driving behind me? When I see these monsters in front of me. I’m scared for my life. I’m scared I won’t make it home. The worst part of it all is people actually believe them when they say they were scared. Scared enough to pull out a gun and shoot someone 12 times. Sad world when the murderer get more sympathy than the victim.


  1. Most law enforcement, by far, are decent and rational people who have never shot anyone undeservedly and never will.

    What’s sad is by saying that fact I will most likely piss someone off.

    1. I understand that but that still don’t take away the fear I have after watching countless videos of officers shooting people down in cold blood. Just to get on a stand and say they were scared.

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