God Is Great

Weekly Thoughts #94: God is Great

It stared off, looking like one of those weeks. Specifically, Thursday. I had no energy to do anything. The days before, I was really not writing much at all. Most of the blogs were scheduled so the blog flow kept going, but I was feeling down. Then after a while a few good comedy shows brought me back to life. Needed a couple friendly laughs to bring me back. I was looking into mental health a little more. I use this app called Mystrength sometimes. My doctor’s office recommended it and it helps some. I also been watching some YouTube videos. I have self diagnosed myself with depression. Now I think I have anxiety too. The more I learn about it, the more I feel like I have it. When will I actually know for sure? How do you seek help when you’re too scared to ask?

Marketing seems to be my biggest problem. Just paying for promo on Instagram doesn’t work. Buying promotions on Instagram and Facebook just gets me views on that post, but no clicks. Blogging my music doesn’t work. Pinterest ads are somewhat helpful. Had a few clicks for The Story Of Charles Levi ad. What else is there? Many people say be yourself or be yourself. But myself, still doesn’t get the job done. What other ways?

Last but not least, procrastination. I have been procrastinating a lot this week. God has flooded me with a ton of ideas that I keep pushing to the back. Like I just keep saying I’m not ready yet. But am I not? What’s stopping me? Nothing. You can’t fear your challenges when you want to have a successful future. All the greats took risks. They either strengthened them or made them wealthier. Failure exists when you quit. Last I check I wasn’t a quitter. 

You learn to motivate yourself when you get use to no one being in your corner. That’s it for this weeks thoughts. I hope I complete these ideas this week coming up. Until then, check out all the posts from this week. I recently just hit 2,400 views for the third month in a row. Also, just hit 400 followers on WordPress. God is great and everyone viewing is great too. See you next week with more posts.

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