Writing Prompt #102

Writing Prompt #102: Choose one thing that triggers anxiety or depression and then write about a few ways that you can combat this trigger.

My Family when they judge my craft without investing any time into it. Being judged by the very people that to others would see comfort. But for me is the toxicity that caused many attempts to leave this life. Honestly, I don’t know how to combat this. Sometimes I think it would be best to leave, but how and with what funds.

Other ways I think to combat this is to not let other’s negative energy and outlook affect me. I should just prepare myself to expect it. We know it’s coming there’s no point in acting surprised anymore. I think the best way is to stay focused on what you want and just ignore the hate. Eventually, the lifestyle I desire will come with the work we put in. I think the hate is going to make me tougher for a lot of the critics to come.

Disclaimer: This one was kinda dark. I must admit, but not all my peers hate my craft. My friends/brothers has been my biggest supporters since day one. My pops tells people about my art all the time now. Most of my family that I rarely speak to know more about my art than I even know. So I just wanted to let you know I have some sort of support around me.

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