New Pictures!

Weekly Thoughts #93: New Pictures!

Finally got some pictures done after going to 3 different parks. More on that in the perfect shot post coming soon. My outfits for that day were dope. I’m so motivated to do more fashion posts. Like some outfit of the day posts. My thing right now is I kinda want to get a back drop and self shoot those posts. Then of course link the products in the post. And add the pictures for the outfit of the day to its own category or to Model Dreams. That’s the part where I’m stuck at. The placement of those posts. I think doing this often will help my pose game. Because like in the past.

I’m not too good at posing. The good part about that reflection is that I know and I can adjust that factor if I really want to.

Deleted all my old spoken word Mixtapes from Spinrilla and SoundCloud. Out with the old and in with the new. For the record, I deleted the old Mixtapes, not my album or singles. I did it for many reasons. One I didn’t own any of the beats used. Even though they were made on nonprofit sites. They still weren’t mine and I would have purchased them by now, but finding those beats is impossible. Also, I think the reason I just used the beats was because the owners wouldn’t answer my requests. Two, they sounded awful. The recording was trash. Some poems were too wordy. Like I got lost in the wordplay and kept rhyming too much. Three, I was thinking about redoing some. Some that I feel like I can transform into something better. So now they’re gone.

The Monster is exceptional. I know your confused, but I wrote a new poem for the Let’s Write A series. It’s basically a series of posts where I learn a new form of writing and experiment. I’m learning and teaching at the same time. This time it’s a Narrative Poem. I really like the poem I came up with. I will post it in National Poetry Month. Which is next month. I have been trying to post or schedule a good amount of poems and poetry related posts for the next month. 

That basically sums up my week. By the way, I finished 3rd Degree. Book talk for that will come soon. I always feel like I’m missing something. Anyway, like, comment and follow this blog for more of my journey.

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