My Best and Worst purchases of February

My Best and Worst purchases of February: Out of all 28 days of February, I only brought 5 things. Worth it? I would say so. Let’s see how much I spent on these items. Check them out down below.

Ring light ($72) It was purchased twice this month. I broke the first. It was super light, so it kept falling over until something in it broke. I couldn’t even plug the cord up. Something in me told me not to buy the same product again, but my wallet was like to be careful this time. The second one is doing just fine.

Boohoo 2nd Order ($63): Again I did the same purchased twice. The first pair was too loose. I wanted the tight fit jeans that were just like the black pair that I purchased awhile back, but it wasn’t so I bought a smaller size hoping it did the trick. Also brought another pair as well and a cool little choker chain ($5). I brought a pair of Black Jeans with one rip ($23) and another with none ($23). Took 3 weeks, but I finally received my jeans and chain. It was a perfect fit.

Mom heart statue ($23): It was something quick and unique. I didn’t want to do the typical candy route that I usually do. I did something that will remind her how good of a mother she is. I stumbled upon this on the Valentines day sale on amazon, and it was perfect. 

Angel Has Fallen ($8): A movie for grandma for valentine’s day. Best because she’s been wanting this for a while. We both love this movie series. 

Sweatpants pack ($26): Worst. It was good, but not at the same time. I wanted sweats that hug my legs a bit, but they didn’t. Kept it because I have a short supply of sweatpants in my size in my wardrobe.

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