Another ache?

Weekly Thoughts #92: Another ache?

A few months ago, I was telling you about the toothache from hell. Now I get to tell you about the swollen gums from hell. Man, why am I always have dental issues? I barely eat candy or sweets, but I’m always stuck losing teeth. This week started out with swollen gums. The right side of my face was huge. The inside and outside hurt from just a touch. After a couple of days of drinking hot drinks and rinsing my mouth with peroxide. The maybe abscess burst on my gums. I still don’t know what it actually is. I’ll find out tomorrow morning.

Well, the next day happened. I found out I need 2 more root canals or 2 more teeth pulled out. At this rate I’m going to be all gums by 25 years old. God, I wish I could start over. I’m trying to fix an already spacey mouth. Appointment went well. I had an abscess on my gums after all. Like I thought.

Finally, my clothes arrived and they fit perfectly. I’m currently putting together some looks and looking for a destination to capture the moments. I want to so bad. I miss posting my model dreams. So expect a new perfect shot, possibly.

So WordPress has a new partnership with Anchor. A platform created by Spotify to help users create podcasts. The unique extra feature with WordPress is that it can transform your blog posts into podcasts. You can use your voice or they’ll use a automated narrator to voice your post. I thought it was cool. So a couple of my posts are available to listen to now on several platforms. This may become a thing for me. Not sure. I may just dust off the mic and use my voice. Unsure right now but check out the short little audio’s now. 

I missed last week of weekly thoughts. Just because I had little to write. It’s been a slow start of the year and I haven’t been doing much. So I combined the two weeks into one. Hope you like it. Make sure you check out all the posts from this week. Below. Also buy and read my Short Story On Amazon Kindle.

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